Monday, 25 February 2013

Ombre Nails DIY!

Ombre as a trend seems to be extremely popular at the moment, so I thought why not try creating that effect on my nails. The images show my step by step process. The nail varnishes used are from various places. The Herman and 2 Clazona nail varnishes are from Dubai. The Glittery silver nail polish is from HnM and is by far the best glittery nail polish I have ever used. To get this effect you will also need a small piece of sponge.
Apply the blue nail polish first 2 coats. Ignore the horrific nail painting. I like to cover all of my nails thus at times this means I paint on my fingers. This mess can easily be cleaned off afterwards. 
You then need a sponge and you need to paint one corner of the sponge. Paint the sponge with the second color you want to create your ombre effect with. Then dap the painted sponge on the end of your nails. Don't worry too much about being neat at this point, creating more of a rough spray painted effect would be ideal. 
Above is what your nails should look like at this point. Afterwards apply one coat of blue glitter nail polish. This adds  shine to the nails with a sparkly effect.
NOTE! Never move on to the next stage until the previous nail varnish on your nails has dried. 

Finally finish off with the sliver glitter nail polish. You can put on one or two coats of this. I only put one on because the glitter in the nail varnish is quite thick and thus would end up covering the ombre effect.Neaten up and take off the excess nail varnish off your fingers and TAAAAAAA DAAAAA!!!! All good to go!!!!! 

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